Capt Mike Hennesy




Team Rehab came together in 2010 for the XXX Million$ Bisbee Black
and Blue Jackpot Tournament supported by a great team of anglers and
technical support from new circle hooks, digital SST charts, and great
terminal tackle. The most rewarding tournament win of our careers was
coming together.

We managed to
boat a 560# black marlin the first day taking the $1,000 daily jackpot
worth over $74,000 and second biggest fish for the day. Day 2 was a
blank for most of the 103 boats except for the Dream Weaver with their
484 and their share of the jackpot. Day 3 we got a fresh report from
Paul at Ocean SST and decided to leave the fleet and sit right at the
starting line and live bait right out the front door which paid off with
a 347# black marlin worth over $170,000 and the only fish that made
weight for the day, taking home the daily jackpots and the winning fish
for the XXX Bisbee Jackpot. What an honor to win the Bisbee Black and
Blue Jackpot!!

Both fish ate live
baits rigged on the new 20/0 Super Charley Brown circle hooks by
Quickrig the most amazing circle hooks for big marlin made today crimped
to #300 Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader. On the new FinNor rods we had #130
Momoi Diamond top-shot to 130# Jerry Brown Spectra a deadly combination
to say the least.

Thanks to John
Stonecipher owner of Rehab, Paul at OceanSST, Howard at Quickrig, Ray
at FinNor, Andy at Moyes Lures and all the Marlinnuts that share their
knowledge on the high seas.

Capt. Mike Hennessy


bisbee's Proud to of been involved with Rehab's Win

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