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  • The 1245lb Blue

    The 1245lb Blue

    Maggie Joe Oahu
    • Thanks Oceansst for your charts, helping me to increase my % in the zone. They have put me on my biggest fish the 1245# blue marlin and many good bites that I otherwise may have missed by a couple miles without knowing about this information. Keep up the good work!!! Cap’t Mike Hennessy
  • Team Satisfaction

    Team Satisfaction

    Great Results 2016-17 Season
    • And that was our season total. 11 trophies 2 national Certificates and 2 pin fish. The daily maps were a great help.


    Carlos Gloria Portugal
    • The Tournament we just fished has been the best learning tool I have had in the two years as a skipper on Marlin fishing. Your charts made all the difference on finding the fish. With them we may be able to design a stratagy and substantialy raise our hypothisis on locating fish. I just have to improve on adapting to the local signs when getting into the area.
  • Voice Of The Wild

    Voice Of The Wild

    Bisbee’s 2011
    • Over the 3 days of the tournament I think we raised a total of 8 Marlin, 2 of which were Blues and one of them I think would have won the tournament but we missed it right off the bite. Spewing! Every set of marks you sent me to we raised fish mate, I have a lot of faith and confidence in you already. It’s great having somewhere to aim for out there and a area to work.