Oceansst  Custom Map Service:    In 2005 we started providing detailed fishing analysis charts for Game fisherman, here in New Zealand and overseas, our clients included people that may only fish a couple of times per season to Charter operators that fish daily.

Custom Chart Map Service is updated fridays to meet the needs of the Weekend fisherman, this service that can not only save you valuable time but hopefully make your next trip a successful one.

Custom Chart Creation 

We follow current conditions in your area of interest to provide an interpretation of developing hot spots for Game fish. We use the highest resolution Data available (NOAA high resolution Sea Surface Temperature, two hourly & NASA high resolution Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Data, daily). Integrating these  with GEBCO Bathymetric charts, Currents and other Oceanographic Data such as SSH.

Our analysis map have been created from a series of maps(chlorophill and SST) to establish the movement of water over the previous five days. This gives a valuable insight into areas that have remained stable throughout the Week and areas that are developing.Single Satellite images can not provide important information about water movement that real time Data provides.

The maps that we generate is are fully rectified, Sea Surface Temperature Data is 1.1 Km Resolution with bottom contours overlaid. Areas of interest are marked with way points included and trolling courses.

Subscription Service

We provide many options from Month to Season Plans.

Our Maps & Delivery 

Our maps are offline ready from the time they are downloaded there is no need to visit a website and download an image then save it to offline.

The data format is superior at higher zoom levels, this is important when on the water when defining finer temperature fluctuations and colour change.

Delivery of maps is simple and they update as soon as we produce them.

Time from satellite pass to your phone is one hour.

Game fishing can be frustrating as well as ultra rewarding when it all comes together. Oceansst mapping provides a service which will added value to your fishing plans, so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter. Having a great time out there ‘ Hunting…….. !!!!



Game Changer