• Download the Locus Map viewing App from the link provided or click on the image

  • Locus App Front Page

    Locus App Front Page

    Locus Must Be open. Click On The + Symbol In The Top Right Hand Corner.

  • Front Page Functions Panels

    Front Page Functions Panels

    In Functions And Panels Click On Blue + Symbol

  • Adding App Link Front Page Of Locus App

    Adding App Link Front Page Of Locus App

    Click On Blue + Symbol “Add Link To App”

  • Drop Box App

    Drop Box App

    Search for the Drop Box Link from from the Drop Down Menu And Click On The App Link.

  • Drop Box

    Drop Box

    Drop Box Short Cut Is Now Displayed Top Right For Quick Access To Maps

  • North Island NZ Folder

    North Island NZ Folder

    Click Drop Box Link and Find “North Island NZ Folder”

  • Regional Maps

    Regional Maps

    Select Your Region

  • Regional Data

    Regional Data

    Select The Data To View

  • Select File

    Select File

    Double Tap File You Require

  • Locus App Will Open Image

    Locus App Will Open Image

    Allow Image To Load & Display. To View Other Datasets That Have Been Loaded, Go To Blue Folder Bottom Left Of Screen

  • Quick Map Switch Function

    Quick Map Switch Function

    Quick Map Function Allows Easy Navigation Between Data Sets

  • Quick Switch Data

    Quick Switch Data

    Quickly View Other Data Sets


When Will I recieve my drop box invite?

Invites will be sent between 9am and 5pm the same day

Sign Up To Drop Box

What if my invite has not arrived?

Check that the email address provide when subscribing is the same as the email that you used when registering with Drop box.

If the email differs from the Pay Pal email please contact us.

Vectorial Map For Apple Mac Problems?

Download Apple MacOS 10.7 and newer Option provided.

Vectorial Map Download Page

Don’t download the version from App Store as certain functions will not work

Why Are There no thuMbnail images?

The Data We Provide Is Made Up Of  Tiles. The Purpose Of This Format Is To Maintain Quality At Higher Zoom Levels. This Will Not Show As A Thumbnail Image. The Apps Are Designed To Read This File Format And Generate A Full Offline Image.

wHY are THERE zones?

Zones Are Created To Keep File Size Down Without Compromising The Integrity Of The Finished Image.

We Pride Ourselves On Providing The Highest Quality Data. 



Cloud servers are a far more efficient way of delivering larger files without drop offs which can occur with shared website servers. It is free to use and can be used for personal storage

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